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Improve Your Health With Guided Yoga Sessions


Work Toward Wholesome Wellness

 Cortland Yoga Nest offers various classes that will address your needs and suit your pace. Classes embody a combination of physical and mental strength; Hatha classes stimulate the mind body connection through conscious breathing and holding the body in specific postures. When you come to The Yoga Nest, you can expect a comfortable environment and a sincere approach to teaching. Read on below to learn more about the classes and schedules that I offer at my studio in 

Homer, New York.


Power Core




The key to a solid foundation is a strong core. This class will increase your core strength and endurance, decrease your waistline, and help eliminate toxins from your body. Do not worry about your skill level; props and modifications are provided when needed to keep everyone safe while achieving the full benefits of each pose.

Strength Building 


Gain strength, increase flexibility, and relieve tension through challenging lower body endurance in the hamstrings, hips, and lumbar regions. This class  emphasizes Conscious breathing in order to help you achieve the full benefits of each pose. Feel energized after every session.

Wake & Stretch


This Strength Building Flow class allows you to connect with your body as you welcome the new day. Intended for those who want to get a total body workout before taking on the day. Clear your mind, sweat out toxins, release tension, and gain strength with Sun Salutations and Conscious breathing. Feel open and stronger after every session.

Yoga Trapeze®

  • *Private Sessions Only*

YOGABODY® Official Yoga Trapeze®.

The Yoga Trapeze® is a suspension yoga system used to relieve back pain, reduce stress, and improve your grip and core strength.

Relieve back pain by naturally “hanging” upside down from your hips

Build functional core strength naturally in dozens of dynamic and fun postures.

Donation Flow


Awaken your inner self and connect to the bigger picture with this early morning strength building class. Proceeds from this class goes toward animal wellness organizat​ions such as the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation and Rancho Relaxo.